Geocaching – A Very Modern Treasure Hunt

So I was recently introduced to the pastime of geocaching. For those of you like me who until a few days ago had no idea of its meaning or purpose, its basically a form of global treasure hunting for people with smartphones. Using their smartphones they can locate the rough location of a hidden container placed by a previous geocacher. Inside the container is some paper where you leave your name and sometimes a gift should you please for the next person that finds it. Accompanied by my experienced geocaching friends in Bangkok today we went looking for a couple of these containers which by the way are dotted around at locations all over the world and at surprisingly random and often isolated locations. One of the ones we looked for today was apparently placed on or behind a telephone on the platform of an underground station here in Bangkok. It seems part of the challenge of geocache hunting is to try and prevent suspicion from guards and police as some are clearly placed in sensitive areas where they and YOU could be mistaken for being anything from a spy to a terrorist poking around looking for or planting these hidden containers. Anyway I went nonchalantly up to the phone to pretend to make a phone call whilst looking for the container but when I lifted the receiver there was someone  instantly on the other line speaking Thai. It soon became clear from reading the bold lettering that this was actually an emergency phone with a large penalty for improper use. Ahhh, in a panic I hung up and waited impatiently for the next train to arrive to make a quick escape before being held responsible for closing down the station. Its fair to say I am a rubbish novice at this lark and probably wont be geocaching again for a while.


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