Wired in, connected and apped up. The death of solitude and contemplation.

I’ve just stepped off the skytrain in Bangkok. There is a technological revolution going on and I am not a part of it. Not because I don’t want to be but it seems to have simply past me by or perhaps because I simply can’t afford to partake in its rapid evolution. What the hell am I going on about? I’m talking of the number of people completely engaged with their smart phones, ipads and other gadgets and seemingly oblivious to the environment around them. This is of course not unique to the uber modern skytrain of Bangkok but across cities the world over I’m sure. I ve certainly noticed the same trend on the London underground and trains. Of course I am sure this has been written about before but I seem to find myself amongst a shrinking minority of people simply sitting or standing on a train doing… well nothing. I say nothing but actually I’m usually thinking, observing or generally contemplating something. So am I missing out or are the wired in people missing out? I don’t know but it sometimes seems the masses are turning into slaves to devices and the cyber reality that it connects them to.



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