Eurovision – Where did the wackiness go?

I’m a bit late in reflecting on my thoughts about the Eurovision song contest from last week in Malmo but I wanted to share my musings on what has begun to become a snorefest.

Don’t get me wrong I love the Eurovision. Its one time of the year when everyone can sit in front of the telly and enjoy the best, or should I say the worst of what Europe has to offer in a night of utter campness and silliness.  A night when the gay community can revel in camp euphoria and straight people can act as macho as possible in a vain attempt to hide the fact that they love it as much as everyone else. At least that’s what it used to be. It seems to have become an exercise in samey-ness. My gripe is that there’s not enough wacky, silly and plain ridiculous acts that made Eurovision the fun spectacle it once was. It should be about not taking yourself seriously and having fun. The countries now seem to be taking it far too seriously. I mean the Azerbaijan president has even opened an inquiry as to voting irregularities.

To be fair the Swedish hosts did a great job of putting on the show and the musical montage performed by Petra the presenter, poking fun at Swedish customs was hilarious. I should know I am part Swede myself. Graham Norton’s commentary at the end of the piece sums it up perfectly. The Georgian’s and Azerbaijanies for example would be left scratching their heads at the humour and extreme silliness. (Feel free to correct me and put me in my place if you are from one of those countries). Since the Eurovision has opened up to allow just about every country under the sun to participate, even ones I didn’t realise were part of Europe , and I consider my geography to be one of my few strong suits, the contest has become more political and serious than ever before. The tactical voting for neighbouring countries used to be kind of funny and expected but now its just gotten beyond funny.

Anyway, I digress. What I really wanted to talk about was the songs and how there aren’t enough eccentric entries anymore. It’s almost all the same, some beautiful woman signing a power-balad or dance number, accompanied by a few obligatory muscled men dancing around.

Seeing the semi finals I was gutted that my favourite entry by Montenegro didn’t even make it through to the finals! I mean how can two chaps jumping around in space-suits rapping in their native tongue not make it through? It’s a travesty! Or what about the Macedonian entry with the whaling lady? that didn’t make it through either. The people who only view the final, which by the way is some 125 million people, will never see the delights of these bonkers but ultimately true to the spirit of Eurovion wonders. Instead, they are subjected to one woman after the other singing some samey drabness.

The one and probably only entry that meets my whackyness requirements in the final was the Romanian entry, which consisted of an opera singing dance number where the singer is elevated towards the sky and sings so high you might need to secure your windows.. Brilliant. More of this please.

So that’s my Eurovision rant over. Heres hoping next year there will be some more fun songs and crazy staging. Come on Europe don’t take yourself so seriously!



One thought on “Eurovision – Where did the wackiness go?

  1. (I adore Eurovision obviously but I do agree that it gets boring when you have performances like Moldova, Russia, the Netherlands this year – come on guys, where’s the mad dancing and ridiculous use of cultural instruments etc?)

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