Cinabon! Oh Yeah!

So today I discovered Cinabon. I’ve just googled them and it seems they’ve been around for several years but somehow escaped my noticing. They serve cinnamon rolls and I had a ‘Chocobon’ which had chocolate sauce inside it. Suffice to say it was the nicest cinnamon roll I have ever had and from which I gained tremendous amounts of sweet tooth pleasure. The location of the particular cinabon store was in the amazing Siam Paragon centre in Bangkok. The shopping centre is apparently one of Asia’s largest but to tell you the truth although I have been their several times I have yet to progress beyond the ground floor food area which is filled with so many enticing things to eat that it’s my idea of food paradise. Especially when it comes to cakes, my god the cakes. They all look so tempting, and then theirs the ice cream.. ok I’ll stop now.


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