Rude People

Everyone has an off day. Thats fair enough. But people who work in customer service, especially front facing and in this case shops, why oh why can you not just be civil? Why work in a shop if you so dislike the presence of other human life forms?

As you might be able to tell, I have just returned from a visit to my local shop, where, the most obnoxious, stuck-up and plain rude lady spends her days being a total (I really want to use a bad word but shall resist) horrible person.

You go in there with a smile and civil greeting only to met with seemingly contempt at your want to buy something. The transaction continues with growing rudeness and I leave feeling angry and mystified in what I have done to deserve such a frosty reception.

I used to work in retail several years ago, and like a say, I can understand that everyone is entitled to have a bad day, who knows the shop assistant might have had some bad news or even lost their favorite cake making recipe, but to be consistently rude, day in, day out is annoying to say the least  for the customer and must be a very grim existence for the shop worker themselves. Although I  didn’t particularly enjoy my time in the retail sector, earning a small wage, and feeling as though my creative spirit was being held back, I always made an effort to be polite to the customer and you know what, it made the whole experience much more bearable and I even met and got to talk to some great and fascinating people. When I left the job I even received some unexpected and humbling tips from my regular customers. I’m not trying to imply that I was some brilliant joyous shop assistant or that I am a constantly happy person, I think that the ramblings and grumblings of this blog can testify to that, but please people, shop workers especially, can you at least be civil and not a complete A**.


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